Built to enhance Collective Intelligence

CollectiveMind is a social network that helps you to find people with complementary skills in order to develop high value projects thanks to free collaboration

Professional network

Find the right people to help you to develop your projects

Project development

Share your ideas and benefit from
the help of other users

Various tools

Benefit from the utilisation of various tools for the management of your projects

Free membership

CollectiveMind aims at gathering a wide network of professionals from various industries in order to erase the barriers between professional fields. You can freely accesss to the information precised by each member and contact them through the platform in order to propose a collaboration on a project or to join an existing one.

Free access to all projects under development

This website is based on free collaboration and thus all projects and their advancements are public. This allows to see directly what is ongoing and to offer your contribution if you think that you can add some capabilities. This is also a good way to promote your researchs to everybody around the world.

Various tools for project management

Benefit from the utilisation of various tools in order to help you on the management of your pojects. Access to a Dashboard for the publication of the new versions of your project, an agenda to Schedule the key deadlines, a chat to exchange directly with the other team members, etc.

Built to Promote Collective Intelligence

Collective  intelligence is shared or group intelligence that emerges from the collaboration, collective efforts, and appears in consensus decision making. 

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Fon any suggestion or any question, you can contact us by leaving a message. Thank you.

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